Extended Essay: How to Get an A

So you have finally decided to start your Extended Essay, otherwise, you would not be reading this. It does not matter if you are reading this one week before your deadline or you just joined IB and you are looking for a competitive edge over your peers. By having the ‘secret sauce’, you will boost your overall grade of the extended essay. If this sounds like something that you’ve been looking for, then this article is perfect for you.

Does Your Supervisor Play a Huge Role?

The worst thing you can do is wait for your supervisor to help you. My classmate’s (let’s call him Jake) EE supervisor changed more than three times because his teachers kept leaving the school. Jake kept making up the excuse that he could not start without a supervisor. Don’t be Jake! You are digging up a huge hole for yourself. When IB says that it’s a task written by you, they are not joking about it. You have to do 99% of the work, so do not rely on the help of your supervisors. Instead, start as soon as you can to get ahead of the game!

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Subject + RQ

Most students would write almost half of an extended essay before realizing that it will not be possible to complete it. Sometimes the idea just does not fulfill the criteria asked by the IB. This is the moment when they have no other option except to change the subject. "Brainstorm, brainstorm and brainstorm!" Before starting your extended essay, be sure of your subject, and always prepare a rough draft so you do not run out of ideas when you start writing the final version.

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You guys do not know how hard it is to keep writing when you hate a topic. We are talking about a daunting 4,000 word essay here. Do not do an extended essay on English just because you think that you will score an A, and then end up hating every single second while writing it. Choose a subject which you love. As cliche as it sounds, it will make your life a lot easier if you choose a subject which you are passionate about. Another thing, write your extended essay on something you want to pursue in university. It’s a great opportunity to explore your interests and see what you really like.

Criteria: The Most Important Part

Chances are that you are not even aware that a guide exists for your extended essay, who reads them anyway, right? Well, what if I tell you that the answers to your prayers are right in front of you? Your EE examiner will cry out of happiness once he sees that you have followed the criteria! Yes, IB has specific criteria that help ensure your success. So know the criteria!

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Sample EE

Samples can save your life! A sample extended essay will give you a rough idea of the best ways to go about writing your EE. It’s a good idea to read a couple of samples before starting. Here are some helpful resources and our sample page.

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